Pick Up Point at Luton Airport

2018-02-26 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Looking for the closest pick up and drop off site at the Luton Airport terminal?

Being amongst the top 5 UK’s airports, London Luton Airport daily facilitates thousands of tourists and travellers to 85+ unique destinations, which means that the number of passengers is indeed quite big.

But there’s one thing that visitors and travellers worry about ‘Luton Airport where to pick up’. There are certainly few sites near the terminal Luton Airport some are free while others charge very less for picking up and dropping off at Luton Airport.

Where is Luton Airport pick up and drop off?

Following are the nearest sites to the terminal for Luton Airport pick up and drop off:

Dropping off and Picking up at London Luton Airport (LLA)

Type of Amenity Parking Zone* Transfer to Terminal Price
Free Pick-up/Drop-off Mid-Term Parking 10-15 mins (by walk) 5 mins (by shuttle) Free for 15 mins
Free Car Parking Long-Term Parking 10 mins (by shuttle) Free for 2 hours
Nearest to LLA terminal Drop off/ Pick up Site 1-5 mins (by walk) £3 for 10 mins (£1/m onwards)
Pick up/ Drop off (up to 30 mins) Mid-Term Parking 10-15 mins (by walk) 5 mins (by shuttle) £3 for 25 mins (free for 15 minutes)

Where is pick up point at Luton Airport?

Luton Airport pick up point is located near Luton Airport Parking with/without charges.

What is Luton Airport pick up prices?

Luton Airport Pick up prices are different depending upon your stay, for example, if you’re parking at mid-term Luton Airport Parking, then its free for first 15 mins. Long Term Luton Airport Parking free for first 2 hours,

Where can I find more details about Luton Airport Parking prices and pick up zones?

Details and information regarding Luton Airport can be found by visiting its official website, that is

What are the types of paid pick up options near Luton Airport terminal?

There are two paid options for picking up at LLA: Pick Up Zone Luton Airport, Short Term Parking Luton Airport.

What are the types of paid drop off options near Luton Airport terminal?

There are two paid options for dropping off at LLA: Drop off Zone and Multi-Storey Parking Luton Airport.

Luton Airport – Priority Pick up Information, Prices, Details

Are you looking for the nearest place to the terminal for picking up passengers at London Luton Airport? find out prices, information, and complete details of picking-up and dropping-off at London Luton Airport

Luton Airport Pick Up Zone - The pick-up zone London Luton Airport is the nearest option passengers and visitors can have near the LLA terminal. You can find the pick up Zone LLA feasibly as there are multiple signs to reach the site (use LU2 9QTpostcode).

Pick Up Zone price is &pouind;3 for 10 mins and £1 for a minute subsequently, you can also pay by debit/credit cards as there will be no additional car charges.

Luton Airport Short Term Parking – The 2nd Luton Airport pick-up point is at the Short term car park, if you’re going to be at the LLA for a while, you better avail the easy and affordable Luton Airport Parking that is 4 minutes away from LLA terminal building.

Short Term Car Parking charges £7 for 40 minutes of parking.

Luton Airport – Priority Drop off Information, Prices, Details

Luton Airport Drop off Zone – The Drop-off zone London Luton Airport is located very near to the departures LLA (use LU2 9QT to reach quickly). The priority drop-off price at Luton Airport is £3 for 10 minutes and £1 subsequently.

Luton Airport Multi-Storey Car Parking – if you’re looking for a safe place to park cars while dropping off loved ones at the Luton Airport, go for Multi-storey Car park LLA, its 4-5 minutes away from the LLA terminal (link bridge), it charges £8 for 40 minutes of parking.

Taxi to Luton Airport - People who wish to travel to and from London Luton Airport can request Luton Airport Taxis & Transfers from anywhere in Luton, Bedfordshire at reasonable pricings.