Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking

2018-01-16 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Multi-Storey Car Parking Luton Airport

Luton Airport Multi-storey car park is yet another one of the amazing service that delights and safeguards every passenger who travels to and from Luton Airport with Luton Airport Parking utilization.

It is located near the terminal and indeed safest more than others as it consists of multiple storeys/floors of parking. Despite the time, it may take for some to unpark the car, most people who are going out of station for days, use Multi-Storey Parking at Luton Airport.

The only restriction it has imposed on the passenger is the height of the car which should not be more than 2.1m.

Multi Storey Luton Airport Parking

Interested passengers can park the car at Multi-Storey Luton Airport Parking by pre-booking parking space at least 24 hours before. It provides passengers with feasibility to reach the airport as it is adjacent to the drop off zone and takes a minute or so to reach the Luton Airport Arrivals and Departures.

Unlike other Luton Airport parking types, the price and amenities may differ slightly but that doesn’t lessen the significance of other parking Luton Airport.

Multi-Storey Parking – Luton Airport Parking

Luton Airport has recently broken its own record of serving more than 15 million passengers in 2017. The authorities have announced several new projects including the addition of a new terminal as being the most important one.

There will be several changes in the parking system, the area will be expanded so that more and more passengers could park their cars easily at affordable prices. More reliable airport companies will be added to the existing list so that passengers could scroll parking spaces at reasonable quotes.

Priority Parking at Luton Airport is basically the part of Multi-storey parking, located on the Level 2 (2nd floor).

Luton Airport Multi-Storey Car Park Prices

Multi-Storey Car Parking Luton Airport has pay-on-the-day pricing system which you’d have to pay on the day of parking. If you’re going to park your car for 30 minutes, it will cost you £8.

What is the price of Multi-storey Luton Airport Parking for an hour?

The price for Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking is £17.

What are the Rates for Parking Multi-Storey Luton Airport?

Below you may find rates for the Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking

Parking Duration Parking Charges*
30 Minutes £8
30-45 Minutes £9
45-60 Minutes £13
1-2 Hours £17
2-3 Hours £22
3-4 Hours £29
4-5 Hours £31
5-6 Hours £49
9-24 Hours £55

*These prices are from November 17th, 2017 onwards, therefore, slight variation in the parking prices may occur.

If you’re going to park for more than a day than for each consecutive day, the Luton Airport Parking price will be £55 per day.

What are the contact details of Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking?

Below you may find all the essential details about Multi-Storey Luton Airport Parking

  • Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking Address – On-site Parking near Terminal Drop off zone, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking Postcode – LU2 9QT
  • Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking Number – +44 (0)345 303 7397
  • Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking Times – Available 24/7 with pre-booking