Luton Airport Mid Term Parking

2018-01-11 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Mid Term Parking at Luton Airport

Mid Term car park Luton Airport is yet another handy type of airport parking that allows passengers and visitors to park the car at an affordable rate for a limited time. Unlike other airport parking types, Mid-Term Luton Airport Parking has situated a little away from the terminal.

The rates of parking are also different from short term parking and long-term parking. Apart from situation and rate difference, every parking type has price increase (not surge pricing) because the Luton Airport Parking fares are allocated in accordance with time and location.

Mid Term Parking Luton Airport Facilities

The Luton Airport Terminal is not as far as one can assume, it will take 5 minutes to reach the airport or there’s special shuttle service that picks and drops passengers right at the terminal.

However, you need to be patient and wait for the shuttle to arrive once you’ve parked the car at Mid Term Parking Luton Airport. The to and from airport shuttle service operates after every 12 minutes.

Even if you’re travelling to Luton Airport by Luton Airport Taxis, the shuttle will pick you from parking at midterm Luton Airport.

Mid Term Parking – Luton Airport Parking

Being on quite a side of the Luton Airport, mid-term parking attracts passengers who wish to avoid crowded parking since Luton Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the UK. Unlike Long Term and Short-Term Parking, Luton Airport Mid-Term parking does not have hourly price hike but rather charges according to 15-minute time.

Luton Airport Mid-Term Parking Prices

First of all, if you’re thinking of parking for more than a day than it may be costly and entirely irrelevant because the Long-Term Luton Airport parking serves more accurately for parking more than a day.

The first 15 minutes midterm Luton Airport Parking is free but if park more than that, £3 will be charged from 15-30 minutes and the parking rate is increased after every 15 minutes.

What is the Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Price?

The price for Mid Term Luton Airport Parking is £10 for a day.

What are the rates for parking Mid Term Luton Airport?

Below are the rates for Luton Airport Mid Term Parking:

Parking Duration Parking Charges*
15 Minutes FREE
15-30 Minutes £03
30-45 Minutes £07
1 Hour £10
1 Day £30

*Prices are subject to variation and there may occur price changes.

Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Security

Security at Mid Term Luton Airport Parking is as good as any other parking type. There are fences, patrolling guards, and 24 hours CCTV surveillance of the parking area.

Amongst the best things about Luton Airport Parking is that the parking space is mostly available because no one wants to park away from the terminal but those who do, enjoy parking at midterm Luton Airport parking.

What are the contact details of Luton Airport Mid Term Parking?

Below you may find all the necessary information about Luton Airport Mid Term parking

  • Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Address – Airport Way, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Postcode – LU2 9QT
  • Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Phone Number+44 (0)345 303 7397
  • Luton Airport Mid Term Parking Times – 24/7 Parking