Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Luton Airport

2017-07-30 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Did you know over 14.6 million passengers travel around the globe in a year from Luton Airport?

Well, it is also the 5th busiest airport in UK and 4th biggest in London. Luton Airport currently handles 15 airlines at a time to more than 85 destinations. It only has one terminal. Currently, it is handling approximately 61,000 aircraft movements that include the international regions like Northern Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Here are top 5 do’s and don’ts of Luton Airport that has been frequently encountered by passengers.


1. Stress will only lead to bad decisions; RELAX!

It is very important to calm yourself before leaving for the airport. People are known to be doing things that are irrelevant and causes problems at the airport. Such as packing your belongings can be a hectic job. Luton Airport is quite strict about luggage rules. Therefore, it’s better to check double (weight limit, extra bags etc.) to avoid delays of any sort.

2. Keeping it together

Make sure you’ve all the mandatory documents required to board the plane. Ticket, passport, ID etc., you should have everything with you. In 2016, 14% of passengers were either canceled or offloaded due to insufficient or missing documents

3. Hold that drink

You’re allowed to take a limited amount of liquid with you onto the flight. According to the rules, you cannot take more than 100ml liquid. So it is wiser for you to take extra care while putting all those Pepsi cans and snacks. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of it to eat on the flight.

4. Honey, have you seen my watch?

Yes, your little items that you carry around everywhere. Your watch, jewelry, mobile phone, wallets, and extra cash. Make sure you put all your important stuff, including passport and ticket in either a reachable pocket or a hand baggage that you will carry throughout the flight.

5. Ready, get set, …. GO!

Check every necessary thing that you need to put into the scanning tray. Most people either get confused or hesitate at this time. Soothe yourself before reaching your turn, take a moment to glance over things that you will put into the tray and BE NICE TO THE AGENTS! There are more cases of misbehaving reported in this section than any other.


1. Hey, where’s my bag?

Don’t let yourself to be in the position where you don’t know where your belongings are or where you left them the last time. Don’t leave your bags wandering just to get a cup of coffee or to ask someone the direction to the bathroom, Seriously!

2. Sir, I need you to step aside!

Don’t pack sharp edged items, like fork, knives, or anything that is pointy-solid. Agents get very suspicious when they are met with passengers having such items. Luton Airport has given conditional privileges to agents to offload any passenger who fails to comply in this matter.

3. Could you hold this for me?

Never ever take anything from a stranger on the airport. By anything I mean bags, small tablets used for keeping something or anything is illegal and not allowed on the airport. Luton Airport has encountered several cases where passengers were caught holding other’s luggage. Don’t do it, I MEAN IT!

4. NEXT, Passport and Ticket Please

Don’t stand in unnecessary lines. Passengers waste most of their time finding the correct queue of their selected airline and yet fail to notice which one is theirs. If you’re lost or unable to find it, ask any airport staff to guide you but never waste time in needless and pointless long lines.

5. Choosing the Right Path

Don’t brainstorm too much while choosing the type of service you’d avail to reach the Luton Airport (Bus, Train, Taxi etc.). Time is money and if you’re not going to use it properly then everything aforementioned is useless. Luton Airport is 3km away from M1 motorway. We will suggest you take '1ST Airport Taxis' for the fast, comfortable and reliable journey.

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