Top 5 Places to Visit in Luton

2017-07-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Luton is one of the finest places to spend holidays and stroll around to cherish the vintage significance it still portrays. It offers reasonably cost-effective houses and provides adjacent vicinity to the capital. It still offers a lot more to visitors and natives to fully recognize the importance of this large town of Bedfordshire.

Here are top 5 places you must visit in Luton to fully spectate the ancient gems.

1. Stockwood Discovery Centre

Previously acknowledged as Stockwood Craft Museum – Stockwood Discovery Centre is precisely carved in the 18th-century stables. The center of attraction in this museum is the largest collection ‘horse-drawn vehicles’, filled with stunning historical gardens, and other rural crafts with social history.

If you’re planning to visit vintage-Luton – this is the best place to start with; followed by Wardown Park Museum – another museum located 1.5 miles from the midst of Luton.

Opening hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily (free entrance)

2. Luton International Carnival

Held on the late May bank holidayLuton International Carnival is one of UK’s biggest carnivals of all time. This pleasurable event is hosted every year in Luton.

You think you can dance? This intriguing, colorful, and traditional event showcases most of Luton’s culture. The list of features an exquisite variety of music, various professional artists who exhibit their talents, and most importantly the dancers who gather around and parade-dance similar to Brazilian or Ghana procession.

LIC is also one of the largest one-day carnivals in Europe that draws more than 150,000 attendees every year. First LIC carnival took place in 1976.

3. Luton Hoo – Golf & Spa

Grade-1 listed building – Luton Hoo is historic site familiar as ‘English country house and estate’.

Despite its present services of hoteling, golf course and spa, this fascinating site is responsible for delivering an enthralling period of its owners. Luton Hoo was initially a notable mansion house that was rehabilitated into a deluxe hotel with luxurious 228 rooms, on October 1ST, 2007.

Luton Hoo offers a mesmerizing, spellbinding, and compulsive spa that will completely eradicate all of your stress. It will allow you to fantasize the spectacular retrosurroundings that date back to 18th century.

4. High Hats

Luton has a lot more to offer as it is also affiliated with hat industry. Famous Luton hats have been the part of the market since 16th century during the time of Mary the Queen of Scots.

However, there are a number of manufacturers left in Luton who still manage to produce high-quality hats – same as the ones Luton is famous for.

Hat manufacturing has become one of the biggest and anticipating industries of Luton today (followed by football).

5. The Mall Luton

If you’re a shopping freak, then this is your heaven!

First opened in 1972 – The Mall Luton is one of the biggest shopping centre in Luton. Its original name was ‘The Arndale Shopping Centre’ and it was known to be the largest shopping centre in Europe at that time.

In 2006, it was sold to the company called ‘The Mall Company’ who changed its name to The Luton Mall.

Managed by Roy Greening – The Luton Mall has more than 128 stores offering, food, clothes, electronics, sports and much more.

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