Luton Airport Car Parking

2016-11-29 Posted in Luton Airport Car Parking

Airport car parking facilitates people coming to airport by various services. You can not only get a peace of mind but also you pay affordable car parking facility. Book online or drive to the airport parking, get a parking ticket, park your car at suitable place, lock it and leave for your journey.

Luton airport parking security is at its best. Proper lightening, CCTV Cameras and security check by security personnel make the airport parking the safest place in UK. Luton airport parking low rates and wide options offer good deals for travelers.

Short Term Car parking

Due to some limitations at Priority parking most people prefer to park their cars in short term parking area. There is a time limit at priority parking and if you cross the time limit you would have to pay high amount for parking your car near the terminal building.

Short term car parking services offer affordable parking service for short time. If you think you can get back to your car within 15 minutes than short term car parking is the best solution for you. Shuttle services is provided from Luton Parkway station but passengers from short term car parking services avail shuttle service to get to the terminal.

Mid-term Car Parking

Mid-term car parking is not so far from the terminal but it takes 4 to 5 minutes to get to the parking. For convenience airport authorities provide shuttle service that runs after every 10 to 12 minute and take from the terminal building to the parking zones and then to the Luton Parkway Railway station.

If you choose to park your car at mid-term car parking it will cost you £25.99 for hour. Shuttle service is free of cost so you take a shuttle to the airport or to the parkway station. Like all other parking areas mid-term car parking is equipped with latest technology. Entire area is monitored by cameras and surveillance teams are always available.

Long Term car Parking

Beside advantages Long term parking also have disadvantages. You can avail car parking on long term basis. The problem with long term car parking that the place is situated a distance from the terminal and you cannot walk to there as it will you enough time to reach.

The better option available is that you have to take a shuttle services to the terminal but to get a shuttle you have to wait. If you park your car for an hour in the long term car parking it will cost you £23.99. Long term car parking is affordable and is a best option but there many problems related to transportation. Once you have parked the car walk to bus stop to talk the shuttle to the terminal.

Priority Parking

Priority parking is mostly used by people who park their cars just to drop someone at the terminal. Priority parking is next to the terminal building and so it will cost a little bit higher if you would like to avail parking closest to the building. It will cost you £47.99 for hour parking at the priority parking area.

The best thing about priority parking is that you don’t have to worry about Transportation timing and services. Park the car and simply walk to the terminal. But you cannot park your car for a long time, if you would like to go on long vacations you cannot park the car at priority parking bay for number of days for this problem other parking option is available.

1ST Airport Taxis

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