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What are cookies?

Whenever you utilize a website, it might download a cookie. A cookie is a small file of text that enables a site to work as it should. Cookies give the site the ability to recognize your device and to save information about how you are utilizing the site.

Some types of cookies can be turned off, some cannot because the site won’t work without them.

Necessary Cookies

There are cookies that help the site to do absolutely necessary things, like taking payments or remembering your name, language and other choices when you navigate to a different page. Without these, the site won’t have this necessary information.

Essentially, the site won’t work without these types of cookies.

These cookies are always active.

Performance Cookies

This type of cookies monitors and tracks how you are using the site, from the pages you visit to where and when you see messages, like error messages. These cookies don’t record personal identifying information, they only purpose that they sole is to help us improve our site for visitors in the future.

Turn these cookies off by removing the checkmark next to the “Active” box. This will not affect how the site works for you today.


Marketing and Tracking Cookies

These types of cookies assist you when you see advertisements that might be of interest to you. They keep track of when you’ve visited the site, so this information can then be relayed to advertisers and other organizations. These cookies not only limit how often you see a specific advertisement, but they also let companies know how well their ads are doing.

To Turn these Cookies off, uncheck the box next to Active.