Luton Terminal Guide

2016-11-29 Posted in Airport Parking, Train Station

Terminal Guide

With just one airport at London Luton Airport, it should be a simple process in finding out where you want to be. However, this is a busy terminal and with 9 million passengers passing through the terminal on an annual basis, it pays to know what is on offer before you arrive at the airport.

The Main Terminal at Luton Airport is very easy to navigate and you will find plenty on offer. Passengers who only have hand luggage can head directly to the security gates but for passengers needing to check in or drop off bags, the check-in area is handily located. There are 62 check-in desks in total so be sure to look on the screens to find out which desk you should use. Upon entering the Main Terminal building, the check-in area will be on the right hand side while the security area is on your left hand side.

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You can buy foreign currency at Luton Airport

Anyone who is looking to pick up foreign currency at Luton Airport will find a number of areas where they can do so. This is always good as it gives people one less thing to worry about and if you need to have cash for your arrival in another country, you can pick up what you need at a number of outlets in the airport terminal.

The fact that there isn't too much space to cover in the terminal building is of benefit because it means you can find everything without much fuss or effort. The fact that the security gates are so close to the main terminal entrance means that people who are running late can directly reach the security gates, hopefully saving time. For people who know they are running late or who want to save time at the airport, priority access can be bought for the security area, which allows people to pass through a separate queue. This is a service that many passengers find to be of benefit.

Another plus point about the compact nature of The Main Terminal at Luton Airport is the fact that most staff members will know where things are. If you need assistance in finding something or you want guidance on where to go, you should find that the employees will be able to point you in the right direction or they will at least be able to find someone that can help you out. This may seem like a small point but it is an issue that can greatly enhance the experience at the airport.