Luton Airport Shops in Terminal

2016-11-29 Posted in Airport Parking, Train Station

Luton Airport shops in main terminal

There are some airports around the world that offer an extensive shopping selection. In fact, there are some airports that strike you as being a shopping mall with an airport attached as opposed to being an airport with a few stores on hand. It would be fair to say that airports are developing and growing all the time and the consumer experience is becoming more and more important.

It is obvious that airport operators benefit from stores because it allows them to bring money in, either through direct sales or in rental income. However, there is also a significant benefit to consumers and travellers in having a number of stores on offer in the airport. Some people like to shop to keep their mind off of flying; some people have forgotten things that they need to buy and some people specifically hold off of buying certain items because they know they can pick them up at the airport.

Luton Airport doesn't have the most extensive shopping options but it should provide the vast majority of items that travellers need before getting on board a plane. If you have forgotten any of the essentials or you are looking for something to make the flight more comfortable or pleasant, you will find that the shops in the main terminal at Luton Airport have everything you are looking for.

For some people, shopping is a necessity, only to be undertaken when there is no alternative or no other solution. There are also people who adore shopping and undertake retail therapy whenever they can. The fact that there is a wide selection of shops in the main terminal at Luton Airport means that all shoppers are catered for.

It may be that you know you need to do some shopping at Luton Airport before you fly, which means you will want to arrive at the main terminal in plenty of time. When it comes to giving yourself more time to spare, travel with 1ST Airport Taxis, and we provide services starting from £20.

Food and drink

The food and drink options in the main terminal at Luton Airport should ensure that there is something for everyone or every family to enjoy. Starbucks ensure everyone can enjoy a coffee and snack while The Upper Crust offers a range of sandwiches and pastry options. Burger King allows people to enjoy a burger or a meal while The Food Village provides a more extensive range of dining options.

There is also a bar on offer, the Bar Des Voyageurs, which means anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit can do so in great comfort and style.

WH Smiths

While people instinctively associate WH Smiths with magazines and newspapers, which are great reading material for a flight, you will find that WH Smiths offers a wide range of options. There is a well-stocked food and drink section, with sweets, crisps, sandwiches and snacks, so if you want to have a snack or meal before you pass through customs, you can. WH Smiths also offer a wide selection of books so if you are looking for the latest blockbuster, an all-time classic or something quirky which will make the flight fly by, this is the ideal setting.

You will also find that the WH Smith in the main terminal also offers gadgets and products that are useful for travellers and holidaymakers. If you have forgotten plugs, travel adapters, headphones or any other products that will enhance your flight or holiday experience, you will find them available to buy before you get ready for your flight.

Arrivals section

There are also food, drink and shopping options in the arrivals section at London Luton Airport. Costa Coffee holds the licence on the arrivals side and much like Starbucks in the main terminal, you can enjoy coffee, drinks and snacks here.

There is also a WH Smith if you want to catch up with newspapers, magazines, snacks or even buy last minute gifts on arrival.

Marks & Spencers

There is also a Marks & Spencers on arrival at Luton Airport. This is a food-based M & S store, allowing people to grab a quick snack, a meal or any of the essentials they need to make their life easier when they get home.

Shops in departure lounge

There is a standard collection and range of stores in Luton Airport's departure lounge so no matter what you are looking for, you should find that it is available.

The Duty Free store is always a popular option when it comes to picking up last minute items, presents or alcohol, cigarettes or perfume. There is always staff on hand to help you find what you are looking for when travelling so anyone needing advice or guidance will find plenty of support available in Luton Airport's Duty Free store.

There are specialist stores offering travel focused products with Dixons Travel, Rolling Luggage, Sunglasses Hut and Acessorize offering products and items that will make your trip a lot easier. If you have forgotten anything important or want to pick up something that will help you to enjoy your flight or trip, there will be the ideal chance to do so.

There is a Boots for drinks, snacks and medical or cosmetic products and there are a number of fashion stores. JD Sports provides a sporting fashion outlet while Kurt Geiger and Victoria's Secret offers a more up-market and specialist range of clothes and fashion items. Whatever you need at the last minute to improve your flight or trip, London Luton Airport can provide it.

With respect to restaurants and catering options in the departures area, passengers can choose from Pret a Manger, Est Bar, Frankie and Benny's, Benugo, Wasabi and Starbucks.