Luton Airport Terminal

2016-11-29 Posted in Airport Parking, Train Station

Luton Airport Main Terminal

While we are keen to get you to Luton Airport on time and in great style, we are fully focused on providing you with everything you need to make your time in the airport as comfortable as possible. Given that we aim to ensure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight, we want to make sure you know all about Luton Airport Main Terminal.

Luton Airport is located 1.7 miles from the heart of Luton town centre and is less than 30 miles from central London. This means it is possible to get to and from Luton or London to Luton Airport in a relatively short period of time, and we are here to make sure that the process is as simple and as straightforward for you as possible. With Luton Airport being 2 miles from Junction 10 of the M1 motorway, you’ll find that travelling by taxi is quick, convenient and you don’t have to worry about the stress or cost of airport parking.

With just the one terminal building at Luton Airport, you’ll find that getting there is a simple process, as long as you call on the right company. At 1ST Airport Taxis, our drivers are highly experienced in travelling to and from Luton Airport’s main terminal building, so you can be confident that we have you covered.

Whether you are heading towards the main terminal at Luton Airport or you are leaving and heading home or to another destination, we can make the process. Book your journey with 1ST Airport Taxis and we can take you to the heart of Luton for £20.

Luton Airport rush hour traffic

One thing to always bear in mind when travelling to Luton Airport is that your journey may be impacted upon by rush hour traffic. There are flights taking place at all hours of night and day, so it is not as if there is a period when you are likely to be the only person travelling to or from the airport but when your journey coincides with rush hour traffic, particularly in and out of London, you should give yourself additional time for your journey.

In the morning, rush hour traffic is likely to peak between 7am and 9am while in the afternoon and early evening, you should expect the time period between 4pm and 7pm to be busier, which means that journey times will take longer. At these times, it is always best to allocate more time for your journey and anyone who is unsure about how much additional time should be allocated for a trip should contact 1ST Airport Taxis. As an experienced taxi firm who has undertaken many trips to and from Luton Airport at all hours of the day and night, we know the likely travel times at certain times from a range of destinations. To take the stress out of airport travel, travel with the best airport transfer provider in the local area.

Terminal Guide

If you are looking to make the most of your time in Luton Airport, it makes sense to know the layout of the main terminal. There is only one terminal at Luton Airport, which makes things a lot simpler, and you should find everything you need to make your time more pleasant.

There is a wide range of food, drink and shopping options in the main terminal area and in the departure area, so whatever you are looking for, it is likely that Luton Airport can provide.

Airport Lounges

Some travellers are looking for additional comfort or peace of mind when it comes to travelling and Luton Airport doesn’t disappoint. This is because there is a stylish, attractive and welcoming airport lounge option with a range of special services and features.

Anyone looking for a spa style treatment at Luton Airport will feel right at home in the Aspire Lounge. Access to this lounge can be booked in advance or arranged on the day, making it a great option for all travellers wanting to relax in style.

Airport Lounges facilities

It is only natural that some travellers are looking for additional services or features before they fly. Like all good airports, Luton Airport understands this and provides a range of facilities to choose from.

Any traveller in need of free Wi-Fi, print services, baggage services or even charging facilities will find that Luton Airport meets their requirements. These services are found across the main terminal and departure areas.

Luton Airport shops in main terminal

Whether you have forgotten an important item or you want to pick up a last minute gift, the shopping options at Luton Airport gives you everything you are looking for. Whether someone is after reading material, medical supplies for their trip or even clothes, the shopping options will provide what is required.

There are shops in the main terminal building, in the departure area which and in the arrivals section, so no matter where you are in London Luton Airport, you can shop to your heart’s content.