Luton Football Club

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The club was founded in 1885, known by the name "The Hatters", and is affiliated to the County football association of Bedfordshire. The club is situated at the Kenilworth Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, and is a professional football association

In 1890 the club was the first in Southern England which was making payments to players at that time It was professional club and turned fully professional a year later. Due to financial fluctuations the Club joined and left The Football leaguers several times during 1897-98. In 1959 Luton played a finale against Nottingham Forest and during 1955-56 it had reached The First Division.

History of the Club

Bifurcation of the two leading teams on 11 th of April 1885, the Luton town wanderers & excelsior, formed the Luton football club and by the next of 1980 the club started to work as a fully professional club in the southern England. After a long struggle, ups & downs in the financial matters the club settled its grounds in the Kenilworth Road in 1905 and introduced Bob Hawkes who played for England against Ireland on 16 th of February 1907.

When the First World War triggered club tried to maintain its existence by filling friendly matches in the London Combination. A vital player for attacking play was Ernie Simms. Color of assortment used by the Luton was sky blue shirt with white shorts and navy socks when they joined the football league.

Club's Identity

Having been prominent since 17 th century, hat making trade has been an inspiration for Luton due to which the club adopted the name “The Hatter” and also the supporters are called Hatters. In 1920 the colour scheme adopted by the club was white and black and then modified the color scheme.

After modification the color scheme used in 1973 was orange, navy and white and was also used in 2015-16 by the team. Luton town’s crest emblem has been used as team's manner and the same was adopted by many other teams. White eight pointed star symbol was used as club’s first badge. Dunstable based motor company, Tricentol, was the first sponsor and was appeared on the Luton Town shirt.

Current Team

The Luton Football Club team is comprised of flawless talents who competed among thousands of same caliber but made their way to the club. Selection of team is 100% meritorious and club provides equal opportunities. Current team include Stuart Moore, Craig King and Liam Gooch are Gk, Stephen O'Donnell, Johnny Mullins, Scott Cuthber (Captain), Glen Rea, Jack Senior, Frankie Musonda, Akin Famewo and Alan Sheehan are DF.

Jonathan Smith, jake Gray, Cameron Mc Geehan, Danny Green, Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu, Olly Leee, Luke Gambin, Lawson D'Ath, Tyree Bakinson, Arthur Read and Jame Justin are MF. Danny Hylton, Jordan Cook, Jack Marriott, Zane Banton, Isaac Vassell, Josh McQuoid and Ollie Palmer are FW.

Online Ticket booking

Previous e-ticketing was done using email address but now the process has been changed. You have to make an account and you will be sent a reference number with that reference number you can login to the official website of the club and order tickets online.

Due some technical issues the website is under maintenance and ticketing jobs has been handed over to partner ticket masters. The club is improving online services but due to duplicate account the process of maintain is on-going which will improvise ticket booking process to more fluent. The new login process is easy to understand but if you feel any difficulty you may contact the website administrators.

Ticket Office

Ticket office is situated in Kenilworth road; you can purchase ticket from the ticket office just outside the ground. Office opens from Monday to Friday at 10 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays for match on home ground office opens at 9 am till the end of the match.

For matches away from Home ground office opens at 9 am till 12 noon. You can also pop along the club shop in Mall. If you are a fan and watch matches regularly you can purchase a season pass/ticket. With season ticket you can avail your seat for all league games. By calling on 05182 416976 during normal hours you can book you tickets.

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