Luton Carnival 2017

2017-06-13 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Western Christian festival season in Luton is celebrated with a warm heart. The entire procession involves a public celebration where they parade on the road with elements of circus and wearing masks. They commemorate this procession in their memory books and celebrate a day with excitement. They take a day out of their routine and spend this day to prove their social unity.

Although in old times consumption of alcohol in excess was allowed but now the government has imposed restrictions on old practices. People wear costumes with exaggerating features like larges noses, bellies, mouths, animal bodies and many more that depict gleeful deaths.


Main hall can be booked for multipurpose programs like concerts, conferences, parties or you can book the mall hall a dance floor. Seating can accommodate 430 people. If you book the hall for banquet than it can accommodate 250 and 500 people stand. The hall is well equipped with a sound system, lightening, dance floor, 63 AMP 3 phase power options and a free WiFi.

Live room can also be hired for private parties and it can accommodate up to 30 people. Options available in the live room are Projector screen, stage, seating, dance floor and WiFi access. The venue also has a Bar and a Kitchen. Bar capacity is up to 200 that means 200 people can fit inside.

Office and Incubation Space

Office and incubation space can be hired. You can hire office space for private meetings or virtual place for lectures and many more. Also you can access you hired space anytime as the time is flexible. On-site car parking can also be availed.

Storage space is also available but it depends on availability of space. Booking rates are comparative and you can pre-book meeting space without advance payment. You will get technical, cleaning and housekeeping services. Other booking options are also available like you can lease the place on short contract.

Carnival Quote Competition

Every year thousands of people take part in the quote competition and among those who win get stuffs as rewards for winning the competition. In year 2017 quote competition is also going to be held. There is deadline under which you have to write a quote and post it to the official address mentioned on the website.

There is no age limit anyone can take part in the competition. All you need to do is to mention your name and contact details. The closing date is Monday 3 rd April 2017. Submit your entries before the deadline. The quotes are selected on meritorious basis and every individual is weighed with honesty.

Special in the Luton Carnival

There are programs in which people can take part and learn and they are Socaerobic, Steel Pan classes and Salsa classes. Socaerobic classes are conducted only on Mondays from 7 pm to 8 pm. The fees for a session are 4 pounds and you can keep yourself by moving your body in rhythm with melodic sound of drums.

Steel Pan Classes are conducted twice a year you can contact the concerned personnel to enroll yourself. You can bring your partner to salsa class and learn dancing with experts. It will cost you 5 pounds per session. Classes are conducted every Tuesday from 8 pm to 9 pm for beginners and for advanced learners the time is 9 pm to 10:30 pm.

The Carnival 2017

Luton international carnival will start on 28th of May 2017 and celebrate with the world. You need to get to 3rd Street Mary's Road Luton to take part in the carnival. You can book your tickets at present. If you are coming from Luton railway station you can via Bute Street and it take 8 minutes.

The distance from Luton railway station to UK center for Carnival Art is 0.4 miles. From premier Inn Luton south M1 J9 the distance is 5.4 miles and it takes 10 minutes to reach Center for Carnival Arts.

Luton Airport Taxis

Simply hire Luton Airport Taxis to get to any of your favorite destination. Mostly during the time of carnival road are crowded and you will find people traveling from faraway to watch this carnival.

People waiting at the railway stations and bus stops wait for their turn to come whereas if you book our taxi services you don’t have to wait for a public transport like them. We suggest you to book our taxi in advance to save yourself from shortage of taxis on the day of your favorite program.