Luton Airport Public Transportation

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Luton Airport

Being the most convenient airport Luton Airport is also the most feasible for the people who wish to take domestic and international flights. It is situated at the center of Luton and other major places which have easy access to the airport so that one does not have to travel miles of distance to get a flight. The airport is accessible by buses, trains, coaches and taxis.

Car parking is situated by the terminal building and grant access to passengers to the terminal by shuttle services which run round the clock to facilitate passengers traveling to/from the airport.

For passengers from the car parking areas of the airport the shuttle services is free while for passengers availing shuttle services from places other than parking zones have to pay some fares.

National Express

National coach services serves passengers from the airport to various destination around the city. Coach Service covers all the surrounding towns and cities of the Luton airport. Tickets can be obtained online or at the bus terminal.

National Express provide luxurious and affordable transportation to people and you can get to the airport from the locations include High Wycombe, Oxford, Leicester, Cambridge, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Nottingham and Northampton. The Coach runs on the routes that are convenient and time saving and must not jeopardize passengers’ time. The services assure on time transportation without putting passengers into worry about time. It leaves and reaches at the destination at the specified times.


The coach service serves mostly the nearest areas of Luton airport. If you travel to the Luton Station by a train you can avail Stagecoach services just outside the Luton Station.

The coach service is mostly known by the name Stagecoach services 99 and it covers destinations at the vicinity of Luton Airport. Key destinations of the coach include Luton Town Center, Luton Station, Central Milton Keynes and Milton Keynes Railway Station. Coach timing and schedule can be found on the official website and ticket can also be booked online. You can pay ticket fares using your credit card or you can also avail tickets from the buses terminals. But we suggest you to read the coach booking policies as some coaches only entertain online booked tickets.


Busway transportation service serves Luton Airport from the specified destinations i.e. Luton Station, Vauxhall, Dunstable and Houghton Regis. Guided bus services A - Busway is a convenient transportation service from the selective places.

The bus is appropriate for people availing train services to Luton Railway Station. It takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes from the Luton Railway station to the airport, the time varies depending on the traffic and vehicle flow on the roads. The service is scheduled and serves 24/7.

Further detailed related to schedule, time and fares can be found on the official website. Booking details can also be found online. In case of queries you can call the customer representatives.

Easy Bus

The bus services runs from the central London to the Luton Airport. If you are at the central London you can easily catch Easy Bus to the Luton Airport. It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to the airport. You can only carry a limited luggage specified on the official website of bus.

The authorities allow you to carry one bag of standard size and a hand bag. If you have bulky luggage you need to book two seats. It is advised to read carefully booking policies of the bus service. You may have to make online booking prior to traveling. Fares start from £2 onwards and ticket prices also vary depending on availability of seats.

Greenline Bus Service

From central London to Luton airport the bus provides luxurious transportation. Greenline Bus tickets can be obtained for £8 through online booking services. The routes covered by the bus include Brent Cross, Finchley Road, Baker Street, Marble Arch and Victoria but serves Luton Airport from Milton Keynes, Harpenden, Dunstable, Watford, St Albans and Luton Town Center.

If you would like to catch a bus service from the airport to the Central London Greenbus is a wise choice. While booking tickets online be sure to read the luggage and booking policies because buses services usually allow limited luggage and to let extra luggage inside the bus they charge for an extra seat.

Local Bus Services

Beside the express and luxurious bus services you can also avail local bus services from the Luton airport. Although coaches are the reliable transportations and offer luxurious transportation to your destination but local bus service provide affordable services.

Perhaps local buses are not much luxurious but they are also scheduled transportation modes and tickets can be obtained easily without advanced booking. Once you get into the bus you can pay for the seats, you are availing, inside the bus. You can check luggage details on official website. Local bus services covers the areas include Luton town center, St Albans, Milton Keynes, Stevenage, Hitchin, Leighton Buzzard, Harpenden and Dusntable. If you are a resident of any of these places you can get easily get to the airport by bus.

Parkway Station Bus Service

Bus service offered by London General serves parkway station at various times a day. Schedules and timing of the bus can be found on the official website of the London General. 888 bus services provide transportation from Central Luton to Vauxhall, Luton Airport Parkway station and Luton Airport Bus station (Bay 3).

If you arrive at the Parkway station you can have many options available to you. Choose the best that suit you requirement. Various bus services are available just outside the railway station. 888 bus serve limited number of areas and you can only avail the service if you want to get to Vauxhall or Luton Airport.

Luton Airport Taxis

Luton Airport Taxis service is the nearest taxi services provider. If you wish to avail a taxi within Luton to travel to the Airport, Luton Railway Station, Luton Airport Parkway Station and many more, 1ST Airport Taxis is the affordable and luxurious taxi services. You can get a quote online and find the rates for any of the destinations you would mention in the online form.

You can also choose a suitable vehicle from the list of fleet available at 1ST Airport Taxis services and booking online. If you want to avail other facilities offered by the taxi services you can do so by making a call to the customer services providers and they will guide you about the services offered.