Top Ten Shopping Spots in Bedfordshire

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Bedfordshire is a place of dynamic beauty and enterprising lifestyles. The residents of the area are a quite mercurial but interesting bunch. And the place certainly has its fair share of attractive shopping destinations. Read on to find out about the ten best shopping places in the county.

1) The Olde Watermill Shopping Village (Barton-le- Clay)

A hugely popular gift and speciality shopping centre, the Olde Watermill Shopping Village is a very eye-catching place with its large variety of gifts and other items on offer.

You can easily find almost every kind of greeting and ceremonial stuff from this small gifts planet. On the whole, it is a nice place to hang around for a few hours with just the right number and variety of shops.

2) The Mall Luton

This is a highly impressive upscale shopping mall. Visitors throng to the premises at any hour of the day or night. All the major brands (Debenhams, Marks & Spencer) have their outlets located in this mall. The food court, located in the centre of the mall, provides quality options at decent prices.

The place certainly has a nice, friendly, and diverse feel for the casual visitor. Even if you are not really in the mood for serious shopping, the place is certainly good for hanging out for a few hours.

3) Ollie Vee’s (Leighton Buzzard)

It is a nice little artful café with plenty of music and dance activities. An eclectic mix of coffee shop and retro items for sale is available at the location.

For the laid-back little kid inside us all, this is a place to just unwind and watch the world go by. People from all walks of life like to visit this place to enjoy the rhythmic beauty and serene environment.

4) Harpur Shopping Centre (Bedford)

Bedford’s premier shopping centre is open 7 days a week with 36 outlets spread over two storeys. The place also boasts of the most popular car park in town with free parking on Sundays.

The great variety of available items means that you can shop for anything and everything at Harpur Centre. From toiletries to leading apparel brands, there is something for everyone in this place.

5) Charles Ross Auctioneers

Here, you can find great variety of Victorian and classic furniture in the old Town Hall sales room which is located in the ancient market town of Woburn.

6) Dream a Gift

This is a gift and tea shop located in Peacock Alley in Leighton Buzzard. Opened in 2015, the store offers a variety of quality decorative products mostly imported from Germany and Austria. The small family-run setup also boasts of being housed in one of the oldest buildings in town.

7) AGR Model Railway Store

The AGR Model Railway Store is an exciting and vibrant model railways store on the high street in Leighton Buzzard. It primarily deals in new and pre-owned model railways, model trains, and collectors’ toys from Hornby and Bachmann Branchline. The place is definitely worth a visit and highly recommended.

8) The Higgins Bedford

This is a popular museum and art gallery with highly impressive collection of artefacts. It brings together 3 historical and cultural venues to form a single site. These include Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, the Bedford Museum, and the Bedford Gallery. The buildings themselves date back 200 years and have their own rich history of occupation and use, even before they became used for their more recent cultural past.

There are some nice surprises as well for the visitors, not least of which is the tremendous and intricately designed glassware. Entry to the museum is also free for all. The accompanying restaurant serves visually appealing and delicious food to cater to all types of visitors.

9) The House of Coffee

The House of Coffee delivers a beautiful blend of aromatic smells and great tastes. You can feel the distinctive smell of the place a long way from the street. A must-visit place for all coffee lovers, The House of Coffee is not your conventional coffee house or café.

In fact, you would not find a cup of coffee in this place because they do not sell any. Instead, they have a huge variety of great coffee beans sourced from all corners of the world. Also available are many different types of coffee-makers and expertly prepared paraphernalia about all things coffee. To top it all, the highly knowledgeable and courteous staff is always on hand to discuss the different types of beans and make recommendations. This place is definitely one for the hardcore coffee connoisseur.

10) The Stationery Boutique (Ampthill)

The Stationery Boutique is a unique speciality gift shop. It has a very good collection of cards and gift ideas. Furthermore, the store is always well-stocked with the newest items and there is a wide range of things to choose from.

So, there you have the ten most popular shopping destinations in Bedfordshire. Do let us know about your favourite shopping place. Till next time, adios.