What Goes Wrong During Your Travels?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Handling Issues

When something goes wrong, what should you do?

It’s unlikely that issues will arise, but in the event that something is wrong, we are always here for you. Here we will lay out all of the protocols to follow if any issues should arise, as well as how we will support you.

The first step you should take is to contact the property staff or your host and try to work through any problems with them. If that has not been effective, Customer Service is here and available to you at all times to assist with your reservation or any unforeseen problems. Here are some other escalation protocols to adhere to:

Lost Items

If you have left something behind at the property where you stayed, contact the host as quickly as possible through our messaging system to ask for help.

Inaccurate Charges

Reach out to customer service or message your host through our messaging system.


  • Reach out to law enforcement first in the case of verbally or physically abusive behavior.
  • Next, report to us. Please inform us in the unlikely event that abusive behavior has occurred, either by the staff or host, or any other unlawful activities, we need to know. Report the incident to Customer Service, so we can help to protect you and any guests in the future.

Disaster Relief

We’re always looking for new ways to aide and assist our travelers and our partners in the unlikely event that something has gone awry. Our team works with relief organizations and officials from the government all over the world to aide in relief efforts on the ground.

If a natural disaster or severe emergency occurs during the time of your active reservation, we’ll confirm your safety with you via email If you have a reservation coming in the future, but it is not active yet, our teams will cancel it if possible and when necessary. We’ll also help out with relocation on an individual case-by-case basis if necessary.