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Booking Safely

1. Choosing the right place

Utilize our many search filters (for price, facilities, types of property, etc.) to ensure that you’re booking a place that fits your needs. Ensure you have looked closely at everything you need to know, including payment and cancellation policies , types of amenities, etc. when you check out the details.

2. Research the Reviews

It’s very important to read through the feedback that previous guests have left These ratings and written reviews are written by verified guests after they have stayed, so they can give a lot of insider tips and info you need to make an informed decision.

3. Learn the Policies of the Property

It’s vital that you read carefully through the policy of the property before you book. This includes the additional fees section, as well as the payment and incidentals deposit policy.

4. Know Who is Hosting

Get any questions that you have answered before you make your booking and stay. For some properties, you can contact the host through us. For others, you can also just leave them a message when you book. You can also use our platform’s messaging system.

5. Local Safety Laws and Regulations

It’s vital to do your own research on the laws and regulations within the place you are traveling. Check government travel advisory info, or with your embassy for any visa requirements or other info needed.

6. Review Available Services at the property you’ve booked

There are various property types you can book through our site. If you book accommodations that are shared, expect others to be present. If you have booked an apartment, you might not have certain things, like reception, 24/7.

7. Review Confirmation Email

Make sure that you review the first confirmation email that you receive when you make your booking. This will have all of the correct information on deposits, prepayments, and more.

If you receive communication from a property outside of our services, or if you receive any sort of urgent payment requests, please contact us for support.

8. Choose a Family-Friendly Property If Needed

If you are traveling with young children, ensure that the property has been child proofed when you arrive

9. Inspect The Property Upon Arrival

When you arrive at the property, review the area and look for safety info and emergency equipment. Ask your host if you cannot find the necessary information or tools, including a first-aid kit or fire extinguisher.

10. Consideration to the Local Community

Please be respectful of the local community when staying at a property booked through our services.

Minimize any noise that might disturb those nearby, be respectful of local traditions and laws, and be mindful of your impact on the environment.

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Luton Airport Taxis Reviews
I booked 1ST Airport Taxis after trawling the web looking for a good deal, especially as we needed collecting at 05:00 to go to Luton, and then arriving back at 23:30! Most companies quoted about £50+ for the night collection.
I’m very sceptical about local taxis until I booked these guys. I travelled with my family, booked the 8-seater. I’d rate the overall experience 9/10. Cheers.
Jess Melendez