Loughborough University international arrivals

This page aims to support visitors by providing useful information on how to get to Loughborough University from the UK's main airports.

Transport options to Loughborough University for international arrivals

Loughborough is a town within the borough of Leicestershire, England and is home to the highly esteemed and recognised Loughborough University.

The town of Loughborough is also a modern tourist attraction with many different places to visit around the town. It is within close proximity of the city of Leicester and more.

How to get to Loughborough University from Luton Airport?

By Train

One way you can travel to Loughborough from London Luton airport is by train.

You can get a train directly from Luton Airport Parkway station to Loughborough. The train journey is around 75 to 90 minutes long, and the train comes to the station approximately every 20-40 minutes.

Standard ticket prices may be around £50 per passenger; however, these are subject to change.

*Please do note that these timings do sometimes vary so please also check official railway websites for exact timing for the particular day you want to travel*

By Bus/Coach

You can travel to Loughborough from Luton Airport Parkway via a National Express coach.

They have plenty of departures per day, for official timing check with the national express website and plan your journey to Loughborough.

This coach's average duration is around 3 hours and 20 minutes and the journey length is approximately 69 miles (112 km).

Standard tickets start at £31 per passenger. These coaches have an adequate luggage allowance and provide all their passengers with free WiFi to use in the duration of their journey so you can enjoy your coach trip from Luton Airport to Loughborough.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi straight to Loughborough from London Luton Airport. There are two types of taxis you can take, rank taxis and pre-booked taxis.

As soon as you come out of London Luton Airport, there are taxi ranks with cabs available around the clock waiting to take you to your destination. These London Luton Airport taxis may be available all the time; however the price is £240 for a regular saloon vehicle and compared to a pre-booked cab, the standard of service may not be as good.

Pre Booked Taxis

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A pre-booked saloon taxi with us at 1ST Airport Taxis costs just £118 and is by far the much better choice when choosing to travel by taxi.

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How to get to Loughborough University from Heathrow Airport

By Train

You can travel to Loughborough from Heathrow Airport via train from the Heathrow underground station.

These trains often come to the station, so there are no specific time constraints or worries about catching the train. A standard train ticket would cost around £55, and the journey time is approximately 150 to 180 minutes.

*Please be aware that these prices and times are subject to change, please check the official railway websites*

By Bus/Coach

National Express coaches are going to Loughborough University every day.

These journeys are around 3 hours long, travelling a distance of 110 miles, and the tickets for a coach cost about £15 per person.

For coach timings, please check the national express website.

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Arrival and Departure of coaches depending on the terminal you are travelling from:

Terminals 2 & 3

For passengers arriving at Heathrow Terminals 2 and 3, your coach arrives at the Heathrow central bus station.

Terminals 4

For passengers arriving at Heathrow Terminal 4, your coach comes just outside of Heathrow Terminal 4

Terminals 5

For passengers arriving at Terminal 5, your coach will come just outside of Heathrow Terminal 5

By Taxi

Outside Heathrow Airport, rank taxis are waiting to take you to oughborough University. These rank taxis would cost you around £250 for a saloon vehicle.

Rank Taxis at London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

For Terminals 2

- The rank taxis can be found opposite bus stop 12, just outside the arrivals hall, which is on the ground floor.

For Terminals 3

- The rank taxis can be found just before Cromer Road West, the nearby bus stops are 16-22.

For Terminals 4

- The rank taxis can be found just outside the arrivals hall, between the help & information point.

Pre Booked Taxis

Your other taxi option is to pre-book a taxi. You can pre-book your taxi with 1ST Airport Taxis for the best prices and highest standard of service, tailored towards you.

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How to get to Loughborough University from Stansted Airport

By Train

You can catch a train from Stansted Airport to Loughborough; however, it will not be a direct train, there are around 1-3 changes required.

A standard train ticket will cost you around £85-90 however these prices are always subject to change depending on when you are travelling so please check with official railway websites.

The journey is around 200 minutes long, and approximately 16 trains are departing from Stansted each day so you can catch the train at any time that is suited for you. For exact timings, check with official railway websites.

By Bus/Coach

You can take National Express coaches from Stansted Airport straight to Loughborough.

These coach tickets cost around £27 per ticket and have a journey time of around 5-6 hours. Please check with the national express websites for the price as they may change and also for official timings.

By Taxi

At this moment in time, there are no rank taxis at Stansted Airport. If you did not pre-book a taxi from Stansted Airport, you could make arrangements at the International Arrivals Hall.

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Pre Booked Taxis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Loughborough University provide any transport?

Yes, they do, please check their official website on details about their organised transport options.

What activities can I do in Loughborough?

  • In Loughborough, there are many activities for you to do.
  • There is an excellent tour called the Central Railway Tour if you are interested in trains and railway.
  • There are many beautiful nature parks to visit, like the Beacon Hill Country Park and the Swithland Reservoir.
  • There are also many museums showcasing plenty of interesting artefacts like the Charnwood Museum.

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Your driver will most likely be waiting at the designated airport pickup and dropoff zones, he will call you as soon as you land to let you know where he is and also direct you there.

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