Cineworld Luton - Movie Cinema in Luton

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Cineworld Cinemas Luton History

The history of Cineworld Luton Cinema started with its historical opening on October 23rd, 1998 in Luton. It was opened inside the Galaxy Centre which has been a renowned entertainment and leisure hub for locals. Sadly, Cineworld Cinema Luton is the only remaining cinema/theatre in Luton that holds the cinematic privileges as the other 12 cinemas are either closed, demolished or replaced.

Today with 11 screens and 2,134 seats (471 and 75 per screen), Luton Cinema Cineworld showtimes feature latest movies every day.

Cinemas in Luton - The Galaxy Centre

Luton Cinema resides inside the Galaxy Centre that itself is a vibrant part of the town. Hundreds of locals visit the centre to spend good quality time, blending in with others to enjoy delicious food, exquisite drinks, shopping and of course movies at Cineworld Luton Cinema. Some of the Galaxy Centre (LU1 2NB) amenities include

  • The Gym
  • Nando’s (famous restaurant chain)
  • Trampoline Park Gym Arena
  • Wetherspoons and MFA Bowl
  • Games Complex
  • 100+ amusement machines
  • Bars and Fast food restaurants
  • 6 Pool Tables (American)

Getting to and from the Galaxy Centre is simple as it is located in the heart of Luton. It is 0.6 (3 minutes) away from the Luton Train Station (LU1 2LT) via A6 and Hucklesby way. If you’re travelling by car/taxi, you can also use the M1 motorway junction 10 that’ll connect you to the A505/A1081 and from there it’s a 5-7 minutes’ drive to the Galaxy Centre.

How to get to Cineworld Luton Cinema

Getting to and from Cineworld Luton Cinema is easy and affordable. For Cineworld Luton Cinema directions, you can utilize the following Luton Public transport guide to safely reach the Cinema Luton.

Travel to Cineworld Luton Cinema by Train – Luton Train Station is just 3 minutes’ walk away from the Cineworld Luton Cinema. Trains to Luton Cinema can be booked to get off at either Luton Train Station (LU1 2LT) and Luton Airport Parkway Train Station (Lu1 3JH).

Travel to Cineworld Luton Cinema by Bus/Coach – Use the following bus stations as drop-off locations while travelling in buses/coaches and from there Cineworld Luton Cinema is few blocks away: Galaxy Centre LU1 1SA (Stop G1), LU1 2PJ (Stop G2), and LU1 2QG (Stop G3, G4).

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What are the contact details of Cineworld Luton Cinema?

  • Cineworld Luton Cinema Address – The Galaxy Centre, 1 Bridge Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Cineworld Luton Cinema Postcode – LU1 2NB
  • Cineworld Luton Cinema Phone Number+44 871 200 2000
  • Cineworld Luton Cinema Opening Hours – 9 AM to 1 AM (Sunday to Thursday), 9 AM to 2 AM (Friday and Saturday)