Smoking Area at Stansted Airport

2017-11-13 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Internationally known as London Stansted Airport (STN) – Stansted Airport is situated to the northeast of London. It is the listed amongst the five best and major airports of the UK, in fact, the Stansted airport received the honour of being a fourth busiest airport in the UK. Manchester Airports Group (MAG) governs and supervises the Stansted Airport, ensuring the airports stays right on the prosperity runway. Locals use the Stansted airport to travel to 170 unique destinations. With the passage of time, the number of smokers in the UK has rapidly increased to an alarming number.

In 2007, a British Law was passed that banned smoking from public or open areas especially Airports, Hospitals, Offices, and all governmental buildings. Stansted Airport implemented the law right after its introduction.

Where Can I Smoke at Stansted Airport?

Yes, you can smoke at the Stansted airport but only in designated smoking zones and small smoking areas. As stated on their official website, Stansted Airport is a smoking-free airport and they'd like to keep it that way to save the environment and their reputation.

There were few protests in the UK (minor ones) who wanted the government to revoke ‘no smoking at public places law', but the smoke generated from cigarettes was becoming dangerous for surrounding. You can smoke in the parking area, or outside the terminals, but there's no way you could find even a tiny space to exhale smoke.

Smoking Area of Main Terminal at Stansted Airport

With only one main terminal and one runway – Stansted Airport feasibly facilitates more than 20 million passengers every year. Smoking is not only restricted within the Stansted Airport premises but its ban and those found violating are dealt accordingly. Therefore, you cannot smoke once you're inside the main terminal of Stansted Airport.

There's a smoking area outside the main terminal with smoking bins adjacent to the bus stop. You can smoke there as it's not too far from the terminal even if you're in a hurry, Stansted Airport smoking area is just 1-2 minutes away.

Why is Stansted Airport strict about Smoking Area?

The reason behind such smoking imposition is quite similar to other airports and public areas. Smoking is bad for human health and the smoke generated by cigarettes is hazardous.

At first, Stansted Airport got rid of the smoking entirely but there were 45% passengers who asked for smoking that's why Stansted Airport had to create a smoking area.

What About E-Cigarettes and Vapes?

You are allowed to use e-cigarettes and vapes for smoking purposes only in designated smoking areas at Stansted Airport. At first e-cigarettes and vapes were allowed inside the terminal for smoking but from August 1st, 2014 onwards, MAG has banned every type of smoking inside Stansted Airport.

Also, you need to be careful as carrying e-cigarettes and vapes to the plane may not be such a good idea. You are not allowed to smoke after the security check at Stansted Airport.

"Smoking is hazardous to health and causes lung cancer."