Smoking Area at Gatwick Airport

2017-11-06 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Situated in the south-east England – Gatwick Airport is amongst the five major airports in the UK. It is also enlisted second in the busiest airports regarding passengers and flights after Heathrow Airport. The airport covers most of its flights to Europe which makes it the 8th busiest airport in Europe as well.

Gatwick Airport currently have two terminals: North and South, both have renowned number airlines operating flights to more than 200 destinations. To maintain top-class reputation, Gatwick Airport implemented the 2007 amendments to the smoking regulation which prohibited smoking at public places.

Where Can I Smoke at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport has undergone several situations caused by smoking or possession of it after the security clearance. Gatwick Airport has brought ease to both the passengers and smokers by introducing them with specific smoking areas and smoking zones. These zones are located outside the terminal near bus stops.

It’s not much of a smoking zone as there are smoking bins placed at a bus stop right outside the terminal. People have used the bathrooms and other rooms located before the security check, but these places were exposed, and severe action was taken followed by eradication.

Smoking Area of North and South Terminal at Gatwick Airport

Both terminals at Gatwick airport have smoking areas; the South Terminal smoking area is located adjacent to a park with a few minutes’ walk from the airport.

The North Terminal smoking is area is more close and convenient for many as you can quickly rush for your flights and it may take some time to board the flights if in a rush. This is why North Terminal smoking area is more jam-packed with smokers than South Terminal smoking area at Gatwick Airport.

Why is Gatwick Airport strict about Smoking Area?

When Gatwick Airport implemented the 2007 smoking law, it was quite difficult for smokers to find the smoking area or smoking zone at Gatwick Airport. People have described bad their experience was with finding the cleverly disguised smoking area.

In fact, from 2007 to 2010, people used to google and read comments of previous smokers from Gatwick Airport for the smoking areas.

What about Vapes and E-cigarettes?

You can smoke any cigarettes as long as you’re in the smoking area. However, carrying e-cigarettes through the security check may not be such a good idea. In fact, some airlines are so strict that they would simply off-load the passengers due to possession of smoking items at Gatwick Airport. Also, you cannot smoke once you have the security clearance and boarding pass, there are no smoking areas or smoking zones, and you just cannot smoke anywhere after security check.

"Smoking is hazardous to health and causes lung cancer."