Smoking Area at London City Airport

2017-11-20 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Situated quite near to the English capital – London City Airport is one of the best airports in the UK to have millions of travellers every year. London City Airport was first opened in 1987 when Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the airport for commercial flights in November. London City Airport offers benevolent amenities to admirers and travellers which consists;

  • London City Airport Departures - Feasible, Good, and non-congestive boarding area
  • London City Airport Arrivals - Prompt and less-hectic arrivals
  • London City Airport Jobs - thousands of people are hired annually with benefits
  • London City Airport Destinations - Travel to more than 25 unique destinations
  • London City Airport Smoking Area - Smoking at London City Airport is allowed in selected areas only

Smoking Zone at London City Airport

“where can I smoke at London City Airport?”. Being one of the pioneering airports in the UK, London City Airport is indeed a little more conscious about rules and regulations.

It could be possible due to its situation that is near to London, but after the smoking law amendments, all the airports in the UK implemented the smoking law to prevent people from hazards. London City Airport has created small smoking areas that are outside terminals, near a bus stop, and you can also smoke in the parking area. The official smoking area London City Airport will have a signboard with a cigarette drawn on it. Do not get into trouble by indulging in violation of London City Airport smoking area regulations.

Electronic Cigarettes, Vapes, and Nicotine Patches

“No one is allowed to smoke inside the airport premises”, there are smoking areas and zones at London City Airport where people are allowed but make sure you're not carrying any while boarding the flight because some airlines and London City Airport have imposed banned on possession of smokable items.

Whether it's an e-cigarette or vape, do not risk and ruin your flight with unwanted attention. Also, do not use nicotine patches unless otherwise stated because you need to confirm before security clearance and getting your boarding pass about it.

Smoking Area at London City Airport

“Passengers and visitors are not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the airport”. Also, there is no smoking area at London City Airport after security clearance. If you wish to smoke, better ask for directions to the London city airport smoking area.

Fortunately, London City Airport does not have any reports of smoking violation but similar to others, London City Airport did face aggression and resistance of minor sort about the smoking ban.

"Smoking is injurious to health and causes lung cancer, stay safe"