Luton Airport Departures

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Luton Airport Flight Departures

London Luton Airport currently has one terminal that serves for both Luton Airport Arrivals and Departures. Interestingly, Luton Airport has the privilege to compete with airports that have more than one terminal and better passenger and air movement statistics. Some of the Luton Airport departure airlines include Ryanair, EasyJet, Air Nostrum, TAROM, SunExpress, Vueling Airlines, and Thomas Cook Airlines.

With more than 15 airlines, Luton Airport is giving quite a tough time to its competitor in terms of travel packages, less number of delays and Luton Airport accessibility.

What’s the Luton Airport departure flight timings for today?

The standard schedule for Luton Airport departures is one-hour and completely dependent upon incoming flights, if the airline issues the boarding passes on time, the flight will leave the airport on time.

Departures at Luton Airport

There are various airlines that currently are operational specifically responsible for departures Luton Airport. Specific details of such airlines are given below:

What is the details and information of Luton Airlines at Airport?

The below-mentioned table has the necessary information about Airlines at Luton Airport:

Luton Airport Airline Information

Airline Code Phone Number
Blue Air RH6 9ST OB +44 1293 874 926
Wizz Air WZZ 0906 959 0002 / 0911 752 2257
Atlas Jet KK +90 850 222 00 00
TAROM RO +44 (0) 208 745 5542
EasyJet EZS / EZY 0843 104 5000
Ryanair FR +44 (0)871 246 0000
El AL LY +44 (0)207 121 1400
Thomson TOM 0871 231 4143

How can I get to Luton Airport Arrivals?

You can travel to Luton Airport departures by following the means of bus, train, car, and taxi:

Luton Airport Departure Information

Getting to and from Luton Airport Departures

Travel to Luton Airport Departures by Train – interested individuals can travel to Luton Airport departures in the train from anywhere in London to Luton Airport Parkway, a specific train station for passengers at Luton Airport.

Travel to Luton Airport Departures by Bus/Coach – Buses from Luton Airport and Coaches from Luton Airport are easily available right from Luton Airport Departures and Arrivals with cost-effective routes. Services like Green Line and National Express are amongst the best means of Luton Airport Transportation.

Travel to Luton Airport Departures by Car – Simply drive through the M1 Road that will connect you to the main M25 Motorway. Luton Airport parking is quite spacious and parking is indeed low-cost.

Travel to Luton Airport Departures by Taxi – Travelling to Luton Airport departures in a taxi is one of the best ways to reach the airport on time. With Luton Airport Taxis & Private Hire, you can say goodbye to expensive taxis and unwanted airport delays.

What is the cost of parking at Luton Airport?

The cost of parking at Luton Airport for 30 minutes is £3, £7 for 45-minutes, £10 for a day (Mid-term parking). These prices may change with respect to change in parking packages.

Luton Airport Parking prices are not confirmed and may vary with respect to time, services, and providers.

What are the contact details of Luton Airport Departures?

Here are all the necessary contact details for Luton Airport Departures

  • Luton Airport Departures Address – Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Luton Airport Departures Postcode – LU2 9QT
  • Luton Airport Departures Phone Number – +44 1582 405100
  • Luton Airport Departures Opening Times – Flights operate 24/7 but standard timing is from 6 AM till Midnight (not confirmed)