Best Features of Luton Airport

2017-07-18 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Luton Airport is by far the best choice for passengers to travel around the world. It has a lot more to offer than just to showcase taking offs ‘of planes. Do you ever wonder what the best feature of Luton Airport is? Why do people enjoy being here? Well, the answer may vary concerning age as everyone has a different answer for it. Some likes to glance over the mesmerising wide-range of planes from lounges and lobby while kids love to stroll around large halls (for them at least), several shops and food courts.

Luton airport is booming with passengers since it introduced the new executive lounge in January 2016 at the cost of £1 million. But despite all the fun and compelling reasons, the primary one remains the same: to fly to the electrifying destination. An average of 5-7 new airlines joins the Luton Airport family each year.

Luton Airport is connected to almost the entire city including the neighbouring areas. Individuals who wish to travel from Luton Airport can access it via four principal means of transportation: By Car, by bus or coach, by train, and by taxi. People choose transportation means upon their convenience and affordability. Luton Airport offers private flights to 128 destinations around the world. In fact, Luton Airport is the only airport that offers scheduled service to most of its flights.

Luton Airport has a broad range of restaurants and food courts. Passengers and visitors like to blend in with food lovers to get a good taste of what Luton airport has to offer. Further, it has several unique shops where you can spend leisure time strolling around best things you can get around Luton. Several new changes are yet to come, one of which is the new rail link that has estimated the cost of £110 million. Although accessibility to Luton Airport by train is good, it requires modification to lessen difficulties. New rail franchise will be launched by August 2019 and will cover areas such as Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Derby and Luton Airport Parkway Station. The decision was taken after witnessing a rapid exponential increase in passengers travelling from Luton Airport to which most reached using the rail link.

Regardless of how attractive and charming Luton airport has become, the management behind it is working day and night to bring forth improvement of every kind to facilitate passengers and visitors as much as possible. New Rail link eradicate the M1 traffic congestion by facilitating passengers equivalent to 70,000 cars. It will also lessen the Co2 emissions of 500 tonnes per year.