Travel to Rome - Ancient and Baroque

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

About Rome

One of the world’s most compelling cities is the Rome. Due to its splendid history of about 2500 years Rome boasts wonderful culture and civilization. It boasts of such a fine heritage of classical antiquities and medieval buildings from intricate Baroque Piazzas to Renaissance.

List of buildings and monuments is endless that includes flamboyant Baroque, Trevi Fountain, sheer brilliance of Sistine Chapel and many more. Rome boasts of world’s most popular cuisine.

Arriva at Rome

On arrival at the airport a coach will take you to your accommodation. Four star hotels are located in the heart of the Eternal city. It is situated within walking distance of the main Terminal station. You can avail comfortable transport that links via bus or metro to all areas of the city.

It is the best mean by which you can visit main sights including Spanish Steps, Vatican, Colosseum and many more. Transportation charges are not higher here. You can use public transport here.

Roman Cuisine

Tourists will enjoy more than pasta and pizza if they visit restaurants here. Food and Drinks are really fresh that are embedded in the culture. Fresh salads and vegetables, seafood succulent meats a hint of garlic are added in the menus. The Variety of food has been served here according to the desire and demand of the clients.

Serving the variety of seafood is the specialty of the restaurant. Have you ever tried the delicious desert here? If no then feel free to enjoy the unique taste of the broad range of the deserts as well as prime ribs with appetizers.


Wandering is the best way to explore the city because you will enjoy each and every corner where your feet take you through its attractive Piazzas. These are designed with the layers of history and the smell of fresh coffee drifts from cafes will hold your feet.

You will never forget to admire its monuments because of the rich historical flavor. This is one of the beautiful cities in the world that is admired due to its ancient civilization.

Night Life in Rome

Wonderful Night life is the greatest attraction.Parks and beaches are filled with amazing fauna and flora. It is a well-organized city that is designed with multi-storied building and tree-lined avenues in a modern way.

Enjoy a nice tour here with your family and have a great experience of shopping due to the unique products in the huge shopping malls. The incredible and the luxurious hotels will make your stay memorable for you.

Tour Price

At supplement, for a single person the price is 159 dollars. If two person shares it then it will be less for you. It is based on two people sharing a twin room.

This price contains return flights as included 4 nights with breakfast for 2 persons sharing a twin room, taxes of airport departure and some tours are included in it. You can enjoy the tour to Villa Borghese and services.

Sisitine Chapel and Vactican Meuseum tour

The cost of this tour is forty dollar per person. Explore some of the world’s best art collection here. With the help of the guide you will enjoy a lot. You will find here, 16 th century maps, galleries contain remarkable candelabras, tapestries and frescoed chambers and many more. People prefer to use public transportation system where ever they can.

Less use of the private vehicles actually plays a very important role in reducing the problems concerning traffic. Even the public transportation system is taken extremely good care by the government.

Hospitable society

Rome is filled with happy, cheerful, friendly and courteous people. Do not consider it awkward or weird if you find a stranger smiling at you.

It is in their nature to spread happiness. Would you not want to be a part of a society that believes in spreading happiness? The city is made up of its people. They are the ones who define it as good or bad. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the place, go and have a conversation with any of the resident of the place. They will be your best guide in your trip.