St Mary's Church, Luton

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St Mary’s Luton History

St Mary’s Church, Luton carries a significant history of Christianity, the history of St Mary’s Luton Church goes back all the way to a 10th-11th century when Christianity and geographical progression was at a peak.

King Athelstan (Æthelstan), King of the Anglo-Saxons and King of the English, first built the church of St Mary’s Luton in 930 A.D. Interestingly, St Mary’s Luton was presented as a thanksgiving after receiving ferocious triumph over the Danes (Germanic tribe).

Historical Timeline of St Mary’s Luton

Here’s a quick glimpse over the historical survival of the St Mary’s Church, Luton over the time:

  • St Mary’s Luton in 12th Century – Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester rebuilt and modified the church in 1121
  • St Mary’s Luton in 13th Century – the church’s initial structure was Christian-cross-shaped (Cruciform) but aisles were added 40 years later due to increase in population
  • St Mary’s Luton in 14th Century – Massive expansion of St Mary’s Church which included twin arches, chapels, sacristy, canopy, tower, and transepts.
  • St Mary’s Luton in 15th Century – This was the rebuilding and restoration phase when Lord John Wenlock carried most of the renovation work. Wenlock Chapel is named after the Wenlock family
  • St Mary’s Luton in 16th Century – No records available except minor changes
  • St Mary’s Luton in 17th Century – No records available except minor changes
  • St Mary’s Luton in 18th Century – No records available except minor changes
  • St Mary’s Luton in 19th Century – Restoration was carried again to increase church’s glory in the UK
  • St Mary’s Luton in 20th Century – Offices and halls were added to the St Mary’s Luton followed by chequered style vestries, projection screens, and restored Wenlock chapel.
  • St Mary’s Luton in 21st Century – A pious and flourishing church with the ‘Open Evangelical Tradition’ status from the Church of England.

Getting to and from St Mary’s Luton

Locals who wish to cleanse themselves with the piety of the St Mary’s Church, Luton can use the following public transport to get to the church.

Travel to St Mary’s Luton Church by Train – Following stations can use as destinations to reach the St Mary’s Luton in few minutes: Luton Train Station LU1 2LT, Luton Airport Parkway Station LU1 3JH, and Leagrave Train Station LU4 9BA

Travel to St Mary’s Luton Church by Bus/Coach – Hop on any bus or coach that has stops in the following bus stations that are few walks away from the church: Dunstable Place LU1 2SW, Princess Street LU1 5BS, Liverpool Road LU1 1DY, Flowers Way LU1 2SE

Travel to St Mary’s Luton by Taxi – One of the easiest and affordable ways to get to the St Mary’s Church is by taxi. You can book an instant taxi to St Mary’s Luton by Luton Airport Taxis & Transfers 24/7 at low prices.

Contact Details of St Mary’s Luton Church

  • St Mary’s Luton Church Address – Church Office, Church Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
  • St Mary’s Luton Church Postcode – LU1 3JF
  • St Mary’s Luton Church Phone Number – +44 1582 721867