5 Fascinating Facts About Spring in Luton

2017-09-28 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Planning to Visit Luton in Spring? Here’s your must-know list to spend the best time of your life

Seasons have various effects on everyone, whether it’s a hot sunny day perfect for the beach or a cold day to enjoy coffee by the fire and who would not go for jogging or a country walk in warmer days? Luton is the perfect spot for natural soothing, a place that you can rely upon for amusement and delight of every kind.

However, there are few things you might want to know if you’re planning to visit Luton in spring.

No Pollen Season

Contrary to one of most common beliefs, Luton’s spring season is not the peak season for pollen allergy. It is indeed true that the plants release the pollen in the midst of January, but people have only experienced minor fever from it in Luton.

Therefore, highlighting it just not to visit Luton would be a great loss as the city has a lot to offer in spring. Also, it would rather be good to go for jogging and outdoor runs to counter pollen.

Snow & Spring

You would be most likely to witness snow before the Easter in Luton. According to the weather experts, snow falls on an average of 3.9 days in December, and the same figure continues with slight changes till March that gets an average of 4.2 days of snow falls, whereas April only takes 2.3 days on average.

Therefore, it is proven statistically that tourists and locals will see quite an average amount of snow before Easter.

Luton Festivals in Spring

Spring also one of the seasons when Luton is crowded with tourists and travellers followed by locals to attend several spectacular festivals such as Luton Live, Imagine Luton, St Patrick’s Day Celebrations, St George’s Day Celebration, Culture Storm: One Nation, Many People, and many theatrical shows such as Tweedy’s Lost Property (shown at Luton Library Theatre in April, 2017).

Therefore, if you love attending festivals for just fun and amusement, then you must visit Luton in Spring.

Spring Cultural Inheritance

Apart from other three seasons which have their speciality of attraction, Spring in Luton attracts mostly people who are culturists and adventurists, because as discussed earlier, many cultural activities and traditional days such as St Patrick’s and St George’s Day celebration along with other cultural festivities come in Spring.

It is also the reason why Luton spring is competing with other seasons as Winter is visited for spending romantic snowy time, summers are for beach and historical places and spring defines the Luton culture.

Season of Flowers

The essence of Spring in Luton is incomplete without the mention of flowers. Spring is the season when unique flowers grow around the world and so does in Luton. Tourists coming to South Asian region will surprise to know that the March to April marks the starting of spring as they can witness flowers such as Cherry Blossom (also the national flower of Japan), Anemone, Azalea, Bluebell, Camellia, Freesia, Marigold, Orchid, Primrose, Tulip, and Zinnia. So, if you’re a nature admirer, then Luton Springs awaits you.