Smoking Area at Heathrow Airport

2017-11-06 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

The second busiest airport in the world – Heathrow Airport is an international airport in London with two runways, four terminals, and flights to 180 different destinations in the world. Heathrow Airport is also the busiest airport in the UK regarding passenger traffic to international flights (mostly New York and Europe).

Due to a heavy number of passengers, Heathrow airport often comes under fire for not having many smoking areas, but after the British Law imposed a ban on public smoking in 2007, every single airport in the UK have become cautious.

Where Can I Smoke at Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport has four terminals and as we mentioned in the previous airport articles that every airport has its smoking area or zone either near the airport parking or outside terminals.

No one is allowed to smoke inside the terminal. At Heathrow airport, there are few designated smoking areas and smoking zones, located outside the terminal.

Smoking Area of Four Terminals at Heathrow Airport

There are no smoking areas at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 and Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 (you can smoke near bus stops as there are smoking bins), but there are smoking zones right outside Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 and Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.

Also, these available terminals were not present before and were revealed earlier in July 2017 by several passengers. However, Terminal 3 smoking area at Heathrow Airport is only for transit passengers.

Why is Heathrow Airport strict about Smoking Area?

Being the second busiest airport in the world, Heathrow Airport ensures its level best to eradicate chances of failure or bad reputation.

Since smoking is already a threat to human life, Heathrow airport sought the opportunity of public imposition and banned smoking from the airport.

What about Vapes and E-cigarettes?

You can smoke vapes and e-cigarettes but do not forget to dispose them before going inside the terminals at Heathrow Airport because some airlines do not allow passengers with smoking possession on board.

You Can Smoke at Heathrow Airport After Security Check

The smoking area at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 was also discovered in the last month (October 2017) when passengers reported that there’s a smoking area after security check between gate 6 and 9 or between 6B gate and Gate 7 downstairs. The airport official does not officially reveal this smoking area at Heathrow Airport but passengers who have smoked reported it on the internet.

"Smoking is hazardous to health and causes lung cancer."