Luton Airport Things You Need to Know

2017-09-27 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

London Luton Airport is one of the best airports in the UK that is widely-recognised to serve millions of passengers every year

According to a survey report published by BBC in August 2017, Luton Airport has been categorized as the ‘worst Airport of UK’. The report supports this claim with some facts and figures, but the reality is quite contrasted to it. Representatives of Luton Airport said that the survey was conducted during the busiest season when the airport was jam-packed with passengers (summer 2017). He further added that they are very disappointed to witness such devastating results as they are not accurate and does not reflect the crowded situation of the airport.

Regardless of what the survey says, it is still one of the best airports in the world, and it will remain the same. Here are few things you might need to know about Luton Airport

Customer Service

Luton Airport proudly serves more than 12 million passengers every year with satisfaction. It provides excellent customer services and cares to all the passengers.

However, the probability of some passengers not receiving services up to their mark still exists. Concluding statistical results and defaming Luton Airport based on these few passenger's dissatisfaction is unfair and unethical.

Seasonal Crowd

Luton Airport is crowded with holiday lovers, and travellers mostly during summer and winter. These two seasons are the busiest seasons for Luton Airport. The number of passengers in these two seasons alone surpasses combined figure of other seasons.

Luton Airport successfully accommodates passengers during such seasons, and it could be confirmed by the statistics that each year the number of passengers is increasing and will reach 18 million in 2020.

Developmental Initiatives

Luton Airport due to enormous positive review and excellent ratings amongst the top airports in the world. It has recently signed a constructional deal of £110 million to expand its accessibility region.

The management wishes to build a direct rail link that will allow more passengers to reach by train fast and safe. The decision was taken correctly by focusing on the exponential increase in passengers. If the survey reports were true or supported with the majority, this would not have happened.

Luton Airport Amenities

Luton Airport has taken numerous successful initiatives to improve considerably. After the launch of the new terminal in 1999, more passengers can now travel to their desired destinations.

Passengers can also kill their time by strolling around the airport for shopping or can enjoy a good restaurant, cafés, and bars for food and drinks. Travellers can easily find transportation from Luton Airport of their choice.

UK’s Best Airport

Luton Airport is UK’s best airport, and regardless of what the survey showcases its image, the reality is different for numbers. Every airport has its ups and downs, so does Luton Airport but selectively interviewing few passengers with dissatisfaction and then entirely regarding Luton Airport as worst is a wrong approach to defame the airport.

However, slight dissatisfaction measurement is present at every airport in the world as nothing is 100%. In fact, the statistics provided by the BBC has no airport with 100% satisfaction.