Harpenden Taxi Tips

Things to do before booking a taxi

Selection of Transportation

Improper selection of mode of travel may create problems for you, your family and your companions. You may want to carry all necessary items in you baggage to avoid any difficulty. But your heavy and unadjustable luggage can raise severities if it cannot be adjusted in the car you ordered.

Always be attentive when choosing a suitable ride for journey. There are always vehicles available for customers. You can browse through wide range of cars, SUV and minibuses and book any vehicle of your choice and suitability. Do acquire help and assistance from the company stuff to know further about their facilities.

Luggage information

You are informed about items that are allowed and prohibited at airport. Detail of those items is given on the back of your ticket. You luggage is inspected by the airport security and any scrupulous prohibited item found in your luggage will be taken from you. It is recommended that you must check your check for further details.

If are still confused about luggage you can also request detail from airport taxi services. It is better to carry light luggage which is easy to handle and less concentration is needed to look after your luggage.

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet services are exclusive services. Taxi companies train their stuff to meet and greet customers who order meet & greet services. They are well aware of every nook & cranny and procedures of airports. So if you request your taxi company for meet & greet service you can be ease and travel with more comfort.

You are received and welcomed at the airport warm heartedly by a decent elegant person holding a nameplate or tablet with your name on it. He escorts you through airport procedure and out of the terminal building. You driver waits at the car parking before your flight touch down and drive you to your destination.

Airport Taxi Booking

You definitely expect to have joyful start of day and journey. So pick up your phone or go the official taxi website and book your car 12 hours prior to leaving for your destination. Advance booking saves your time and energy for enjoying expedition to different places. You can sleep well, stress-free and carefree after having availed advance car booking service.

Drivers are instructed strictly to follow company protocols. Companies avoid any negligence in their services and commit to provide punctual and timely transfers to their customers to and from the airport and vice versa. You are also suggested to provide feedback or suggestions for improvement, if needed, in car services.